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Public Access Guest USER Account on DEC PDP-11/24 RSX-11M-PLUS JUICHI I am a M4'67 & R-L657 haplogroup Kanyakubja Bengali Brahmin of Sage Vatsa clan, great fan of Rock'n'Roll, steak and beer. I read what most would say is "classic sci-fi" and watch sci-fi movies and World-War II documentaries on Netflix and similar streaming video services (we do not have cable or satellite TV in the house from 2005 when we went all-streaming). I started my professional career many moons ago with Digital Equipment Corporation, subsequently worked with Hughes Network Systems and currently work with Xerox Corporation.

Programming from age 13 starting on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in BASIC and Zilog Z80 assembly, I am a general computing enthusiast always playing around with hobby electronics and computing projects, machines and networks, very loosely called SANYALnet which is far more nebulous a concept than SKYnet or DECnet. I am contributing enthusiastically to SETI@HOME and ATLAS@HOME from their inception, and dream of first contact with aliens and a breakthrough is cosmology uniting gravity with the other fundamental forces in my lifetime. Some of the SANYALnet systems and programs are:

You can reach me over VMS MAIL at QCOCAL::SANYAL via HECnet, or if you strangely prefer internet email, from the form at http://mcaf.ee/sdlg9f.

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