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SANYALnet Labs

That is just a name I have given my disorganized bunch of computers and electronics hobby projects; it is nebulous and does not really mean anything. Equivalent to "junk in the basement."

DECnet - MAC address - SCSSYSTEMID Calculator

Here is a DECnet administrator's tool in javascript: DECnet - MAC address - SCSSYSTEMID Calculator »

HECnet in a box

HECnet is the global hobbyist DECnet network where people from around the world connect their real and emulated machines to communicate over Digital Equipment Corporation's DECnet networking protocol. "HECnet in a Box" is a Oracle VirtualBox appliance that allows hobbyists to quickly and easily configure a DECnet/Python node and a RSX-11M-PLUS node to get connected to HECnet. It is publicly available from download links posted at HECnet-in-a-Box distribution: A virtual machine for quick and effortless connection to HECnet - the global hobbyist DECnet network »

SANYALnet Labs Network Diagram

SANYALnet Labes Network Diagram

A snapshot of the ways my various hobbyist computers and servers are connected »


Sinclair ZX Spectrum stuff

SANYALnet Labs System Monitor: Latest Notification Events


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